MyPoints Score! Browser Privacy Statement & End User License Agreement

Welcome to the MyPoints Score!™ shopping browser extension ("MyPoints Score!"). By downloading and installing MyPoints Score!, you agree to be legally bound by this MyPoints Score! Privacy Statement & End User License Agreement (the "Privacy Statement & EULA"), as well as the MyPoints Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, all available on the MyPoints website and incorporated herein. If you do not accept this MyPoints Score! Privacy Statement & EULA , do not download or use MyPoints Score!


MyPoints collects information from your access device and browser, including:

MyPoints will also collect and store certain information from computer when your browser is open, such as:

The above-listed information is also sometimes called log-file or click-stream data. Also, as you browse and interact with the Internet with the browser extension installed, we collect information related to your use of MyPoints Score!, including: how often you visit various websites, how often you use MyPoints Score!, how you navigate and conduct searches on our website and the Internet, your interaction with advertisements, offers and other links on the Internet. MyPoints Score! will also capture and store your transaction details, which may include the items and quantities purchased, purchase price, date and time of purchase.

MyPoints may also collect information about you from other sources, including publicly available sources, our affiliates (a company that controls, is controlled by or is under common control with MyPoints) or our third party partners such as advertisers, service providers or others, in order to update or supplement information we have collected directly from you.

In addition, MyPoints may use, and may allow third parties to use, technological methods such as cookies or web beacons to collect information about you. For more information about cookies or web beacons, please see the MyPoints Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


We use the information we collect in a variety of ways, including:

MyPoints may combine the information collected by MyPoints Score! with other information that you have provided to MyPoints, or that MyPoints has collected from you based on your use of the MyPoints program.

MyPoints may also allow third parties to combine and create, aggregated data in a non-personally identifiable format. MyPoints and its third parties may use that data in any manner and may disclose it to third parties without prior notice or permission. Such aggregate data will not contain any information that could be used to contact or identify you.

We may share your information, including in some cases information that specifically identifies you such as your name, your email address, your physical address or telephone number ("personally identifiable information" or "PII"), with affiliates and trusted third party partners in ways including the following:

Examples of third party partners include vendors who process credit cards payments, service providers who compile and analyze data collected by us, service providers who supplement or match information we have collected with information from other parties, market research companies, Advertisers, call centers, and email support vendors. Upon entering into relationships with these third party partners, we implement reasonable contractual and technical protections to limit the use of your information, including your PII, to the scope of the service. When we share or sell aggregated and un-aggregated reporting information about the use of and users of MyPoints Score! (e.g., market research data), including search and URL information, to affiliates and third party partners, we do not intentionally disclose PII.

If the ownership or control of all or part of our businesses or services or their assets changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner.


To view or change your MyPoints Score! settings, choose the "manage" option on your MyPoints Score! menu, or access "More Tools" and "Extensions" in your browser settings. To uninstall MyPoints Score, right click on the MyPoints Score! icon in your browser toolbar and click "remove". If you need assistance, please contact MyPoints Member Services.


Please note that MyPoints and its third party partners may continue to use information collected from MyPoints Score! which was collected prior to uninstallation. In the case of MyPoints, all such information remains subject to this MyPoints Score! Privacy Statement & EULA.


The information we collect from our users is processed and maintained in the United States, where privacy laws may not be as protective as in your home country. If you are using MyPoints Score! from outside of the United States, by providing information to us you are consenting to the transfer of the information to the United States for processing in a manner consistent with this MyPoints Score! Privacy Statement & EULA.


By downloading MyPoints Score!, you represent and warrant that you are not: (1) a denied/restricted or otherwise listed party described on (, or (2) located in, or a national or permanent resident of, any country subject to embargo (currently Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria) or (3) engaged in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (i.e., nuclear, chemical or biological weapons) or missiles.


Subject to your compliance with the terms of this Privacy Statement & EULA, MyPoints grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited license to install and use MyPoints Score! on your computer in accordance with this EULA and any applicable law or regulation in the relevant jurisdictions (including any laws regarding the export of data or software to and from the United States or other relevant countries). You may not make copies of or distribute MyPoints Score! or electronically transfer MyPoints Score! from one computer to another or over a network. Except and only to the extent expressly permitted under applicable law, you may not, and may not encourage, assist, or authorize any other person to, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble MyPoints Score!, in whole or in part; create any derivative work from or of MyPoints Score!; or bypass, modify, defeat, or tamper with or circumvent any of the functions or protections of MyPoints Score! Unless MyPoints has given you specific written permission to do so, you may not sublicense, assign, or otherwise transfer MyPoints Score! or your rights to use MyPoints Score! You may not use MyPoints Score! for any illegal purpose.


In order to keep the MyPoints Score! browser extension up-to-date, MyPoints may automatically update or upgrade MyPoints Score! at any time and without notice to you. Further, MyPoints may change, suspend, or discontinue MyPoints Score!, or any part of the MyPoints Score! browser extension without notice or liability. MyPoints may in its sole discretion, but has no obligation to, provide you with customer support. If MyPoints elects to provide support of any kind, it may terminate that support at any time without notice to you.

This MyPoints Score! Privacy Statement & EULA supplements the MyPoints Privacy Policy, and describes the types of information we may obtain about you and your computer and browser if you install MyPoints Score! and how we use and share that information. In the event of any inconsistency between the MyPoints Privacy Policy and the MyPoints Score! Privacy Statement & EULA, this MyPoints Score! Privacy Statement & EULA will govern.

Effective Date: February 1, 2016