MyPoints Toolbar Installation Complete

Thank you for downloading Point Finder! It should look like this:

MyPoints Toolbar.

Don't see it?
Go to your browser menu, click "View", select "Toolbars", and make sure "MyPoints Point Finder" is selected.

Not seeing your Point balance in the Toolbar? Try logging into MyPoints. Click here.

If you do not see the drop-down alert, follow these instructions:

  • Once you have the toolbar loaded, go to MyPoints and login to your account.

  • There is a button that you must click on to activate the new Point Finder features. The button is grey with in it. If you do not see this button, you should click on the MyPoints logo on the left-hand side of the toolbar and select "Toolbar Settings". Then select "Add Gadgets" and add "Shopping Alert".

  • Once you click on the button, you may need to log in to the toolbar.

  • Once logged in you should be at and the button should be green and say "Now Earning Points".

  • You can test the Shopping Alert feature by visiting

With the new Toolbar, you can still earn up to 75 Points each month for your web searches. But that's not all.


New Features

  • Merchant Marker

    Merchant Marker keeps an eye out for MyPoints merchants whenever you search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
  • Shopping Alert

    The toolbar tells you when you can earn Points
    while browsing the web.
  • Search Counter

    How many search Points have you earned this month?
  • Merchant Search

    Find Point-earning merchants easily!
  • Personalization

    Choose special features just for you.
    Manage all your emails right from your browser in one convenient location.
    Receive weather updates and information.
  • Special Offers

    Hear about great deals right in the toolbar.
  • Compatibility

    Support for more browsers and operating systems.
  • Multiple Accounts

    Everyone in your household can earn Points using the Toolbar.