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Amy S.

From Amy S.

I was so happy to receive a $50 Macy's Gift Certificate from MyPoints recently. I used it at one of their famous one-day sales and got a bunch of new spring outfits. It was the easiest $50 I ever spent ... guilt-free! Thank you, MyPoints!

Brenda S.

From Brenda S.

I love participating in the MyPoints program! As a senior citizen on a fixed income, it helps me take my granddaughters to lunch at their favorite restaurants. Also, before the holidays I always get one or two gift cards to use as gifts.

Carmen S.

From Carmen S.

I enjoy receiving the various offers sent to me through MyPoints. I have been able to get great deals on my purchases, as well as accumulate Points. I redeem Points for rewards for my teenagers. In essence, MyPoints rewards have become "OurPoints" rewards, as we share the benefits of my shopping and spending.

Lisa C.

From Lisa C.

My husband and I were in the middle of renovating our house when the bottom fell out of the economy. For almost a year, we were living on just one income. We thought there was no way we'd finish our renovation any time soon. Thanks to MyPoints, though, we were able to complete our renovation and it is absolutely gorgeous!

Tim W.

From Tim W.

The MyPoints program is the greatest thing on the Web! I've been a member for eight years and have earned many gift cards over the years. I usually get restaurant gift cards with Points I collect and have a date night, compliments of MyPoints. I rave to all of my friends about MyPoints!

Denise G.

From Denise G.

I love shopping through MyPoints. I shop throughout the year and then redeem Points for gift cards to give to my daughter. She really loves that she can just go out and shop for herself! MyPoints has certainly helped me stretch my budget!

Kimberly S.

From Kimberly S.

Throughout the last ten years, I have played games, shopped, surfed, saved money and earned rewards through MyPoints. This program has allowed me to eat out at restaurants, buy gifts for friends and family and now that I have twins on the way, I will be using the rewards even more. I just want to shout out a big "Thank You" to MyPoints!

Maria O.

From Maria O.

I love redeeming Points for JCPenney Gift Cards! I use them to help pay the bill at the beauty salon. Not only is it something fun to do, but it also really helps my budget. I am so glad that I joined MyPoints!

Stacey W.

From Stacey W.

Over the years, I have given the gift cards I redeemed from MyPoints to others. However, I recently decided to treat myself by redeeming my Points for gift cards towards a nice hotel stay for me and some friends! It will be a time to rekindle my friendships, relax and enjoy life! Thank you, MyPoints, for helping me make my gift-giving easier and for allowing me to treat myself for once!

Veronica O.

From Veronica O.

I found out last May that both of my sons were going to be getting married. I used Points to get Cracker Barrel Gift Cards, which I then used for both of their rehearsal dinners! I really appreciate the MyPoints program; it is a great way to save money.