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Bhavana G.

From Bhavana G.

I often feel guilty splurging on items I love - except when I'm using gift cards from MyPoints! They are my excuse for no-guilt shopping. Until now, I had only used them for myself, but this time I bought clothes and accessories for my daughter. She was so excited when I gave them to her!

Brenda S.

From Brenda S.

Thank you, MyPoints! My family enjoys going to the movies, so we are always very excited when we get our movie gift cards in the mail. It is so nice to earn rewards with such little effort!

Gina J.

From Gina J.

I recently redeemed some of my Points as a gift for my niece. She said her favorite store is Target, so I redeemed my Points and had the gift card sent directly to her! I can't wait until she gets the present in the mail!

Patricia S.

From Patricia S.

I got married this year, and the rewards I redeemed with my Points were especially helpful! My husband and I were able to save up our Points and give all of our wedding party members restaurant gift cards as part of their favors. Thanks, MyPoints!

Debbie B.

From Debbie B.

I have only been a member of MyPoints since 2008, and I've already redeemed for three Red Lobster cards and many flight miles. Once I got into the habit of checking MyPoints before buying online, my Points piled up — and paid off! I plan to use some of the gift cards as thank-you gifts to clients of my painting business.

Dee F.

From Dee F.

My husband and I have been members of MyPoints for some time now, and I just received a BP Gas Card and Wal-Mart gift cards in the mail today. We enjoy the rewards so much. It's like Christmas every time we get one of your cards in the mail. These days, since we are watching our pennies, the rewards mean even more to us. Thank you so very much for the help and for the fun. We look forward to even more in the future.

Lois A.

From Lois A.

This year I put together Easter baskets for low-income children. MyPoints gift certificates made it possible. So thanks, MyPoints. I feel honored to be a member of such a fantastic site!

Mary H.

From Mary H.

I just got my first reward last week and gave it to my husband as a gift. He was thrilled to shop at with that gift certificate! Thank you so much. Moments like these I really enjoy being a member of MyPoints.