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Teri C.

From Teri C.

This year I saved up Points to get gift cards for my sister and brother-in-law. It was a great way to get them a little something extra! I am also looking forward to using the free $15 FTD Gift Card that came along with the reward! Thanks, MyPoints; keep the great rewards coming!

Becky L.

From Becky L.

When I first started using MyPoints, I redeemed Points for gift cards to give to friends and family. Lately, however, I have been redeeming Points to get myself little treats. I like to redeem Points for gift cards to places where I can get bath products and books -- my two favorite things!

Tracy M.

From Tracy M.

I enjoy saving up Points throughout the year and then redeeming them for gift cards for my kids. I have referred many people to MyPoints and love taking advantage of all the deals you get from shopping online through MyPoints! In this economy, MyPoints is a blessing!

Shelly R.

From Shelly R.

My husband and I are both members and we save up Points all year long. We then redeem them at the same time to get gift cards. We usually use the gift cards to buy the gel fuel we use in our fireplace! We enjoy the warmth that MyPoints gives us all winter long!

Debbie L.

From Debbie L.

I am a hospice social worker and spend my days driving from house to house, visiting patients and their families. I have to buy my lunch at restaurants since I am always on the go. It has been wonderful to be able to redeem Points for restaurant gift cards so I can get a decent hot lunch while on the road.