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Valerie B.

From Valerie B.

I always get the restaurant gift cards to treat myself and my kids to dinner out, even during this recession. It's easy and entertaining to read BonusMails® for Points and to learn about great deals at the same time. There are also some interesting Point-earning surveys. I really love MyPoints!

Stephanie M.

From Stephanie M.

My fiance and I just bought a house. Between saving for the wedding and learning how to be homeowners, money is really tight. I had so many Points, I was able to redeem them for Home Depot® gift cards and get lawn tools for free! Thank you, MyPoints!

Ruth T.

From Ruth T.

I don't buy a thing without going through first. As a recent home buyer and caretaker to 10 animals, I have to save money any way I can. My animals deserve the best, so I shop through MyPoints to get great deals on everything from pet food, to dog houses, to preventative medications. Thanks for helping me stretch my buying dollars in a very tough economy!

Tony H.

From Tony H.

My way of rewarding myself with MyPoints? Sending all the Walmart gift cards I earn to my mother. It's so gratifying to know I can alleviate her hard times because she deserves every little bit of help.

Mary D.

From Mary D.

I have mostly redeemed for Walmart gift cards because you can get so much more with their low prices. This time, though, I'll redeem for a hotel gift card for our upcoming Disney vacation. The money we save on accommodations, we can use to splurge on my birthday celebration!