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Since when does shopping pay you back? MyPoints members earn Points every time they shop from our network of top retailers. Join MyPoints to receive personalized deals every day, and reward yourself with gift cards, cash back or travel miles.

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Shop the hundreds of retailers in the MyPoints network to begin earning Points from each transaction you make.



Every time you make a purchase through MyPoints, you earn rewards Points. These can be used towards hundreds of incentives from our reward catalogue.



Your shopping doesn't stop when you've completed your purchase. Redeem Points for gift cards, cash back or travel miles.

  • I have been a MyPoints member for 5 years and always enjoy the chance to get a gift card. Thank you for the fun deals, surveys and opportunities. And of course, thanks for always being the first to wish me a happy birthday without fail!

    Gaylena C. Member since 2005

  • I am a true believer and advocate for I am so happy I was able to earn enough Points to get my Wal-Mart Gift Card and use it for gas. Thank you so much. I have been a member for several years and will for years to come.

    Karen E. Member since 2008