Understanding Your Account Statement

What do I do if my Point total is missing or incorrect for a transaction?

First, please allow up to 30 days for Points to appear in your account. If your Points have not appeared after 30 days:

  • Go to the "My Account" page (the "My Account" link appears on the top-right of every page on the site)
  • Within "My Statement," find the transaction in question and expand the transaction by clicking on the "[+]" symbol
  • Click on the "Contact Member Services" link that appears within the Description and submit a Member Services request
If you can't find the merchant clickthru in your statement, email Member Services and provide them with a copy of the purchase confirmation email you received from the merchant. To do this, copy and paste the confirmation email into the web form to Member Services (we can't accept attachments). Your purchase confirmation must include the merchant name, date of purchase, order number and subtotal (excluding taxes and shipping).

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How do I view My Statement?

Access your statement by clicking the My Account link located at the right hand corner of any MyPoints.com page. Then go to "My Statement" to view your statement details.

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What do the different activity types on My Statement mean?

  • Clickthru – This means that you clicked on an offer or seller on MyPoints.com or within a MyPoints email. Any activity related to this click gets recorded in this area.
  • Purchase – If you buy something through a Clickthru, it gets recorded here, along with the details: the merchant you bought from, plus the date and the amount you spent.
  • Earn – This is a record of the Points awards earned by clicking on email links, taking surveys, shopping, etc.
  • Return – Returns reported by our partners are recorded here. Each return gets listed right below the related purchase, and the corresponding number of Points gets subtracted from your Point Balance.
  • Reversal – When you make a return or a Point award is incorrectly posted to your account, you may see a "–" symbol before the Point award amount. This shows how many Points have been removed from your account.
  • Verify – The date that you verified the authenticity of your email address, which activated your MyPoints account.
  • Signup – This shows how you enrolled in the MyPoints program.

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What does an asterisk (*) within My Statement mean?

The asterisk (*) symbol next to a transaction means that a Member Services representative adjusted your account statement by manually crediting or adjusting the Points you should have received.

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What are Pending Points?

These are earned Points that have been reported to us by the merchant, but not yet available for redemption. Points go into a pending period to allow for returns or cancelled orders.

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Will I earn Points for purchasing gift cards from MyPoints merchants?

Unless specifically stated in the offer details, no, you will not earn Points for gift card/gift certificate purchases.

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