MyPoints Featured Deals FAQ

(for Featured Deals provided by JustDeals)

How many can I buy of a single deal?

One item...We want to pass the daily deals around to as many members as possible.

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What time do daily deals go online?

Whenever we have a new deal it can go up! Generally, we publish new deals at 9:00pm pacific time each day.

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How much is shipping?

$5.00 flat fee per deal, and we ship UPS or USPS.

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How is my payment transacted?

We use PayPal to transact all credit card orders, so your information is safe and secure.

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Can I buy something that I saw on-site yesterday?

If the deal isn't online, that means it's sold out.

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What does refurbished/recertified mean?

Refurbish is when a store return is sent back to the manufacturer, and tested and recertified to be sold as refurbished. Refurbished items will perform at the manufacturers quality standards.

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