Refer-a-Friend FAQs

How does the Refer-A-Friend Program work?

It's simple. Refer your friends and family to join MyPoints through our Refer-A-Friend web form. Your referrals will then receive a Refer-A-Friend email invitation in their inbox. Once they click on the invite email and complete their registration you will earn the 25 sign-up Points. As they start to earn Points, you'll also receive 10% of their eligible Points every month. Bonus Opportunity! If your friend joins MyPoints and makes a merchant purchase (other than Amazon and Games) of at least $20 (excluding taxes, shipping & handling, and any special processing fees) within 30 days through the website and emails (including BonusMail), MyPoints will award you 1750 Points and your friend 750 Points!

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What are considered eligible Points for the program?

Eligible Points are defined as Points earned through any single activity taken by the referral that earns that referral more than 10 Points. Please note that this will exclude the following:

  • 5 Points for clicking through a BonusMail
  • 10 Points for earning a SurveyMail non-qualification

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How many members can I refer?

You can refer an unlimited number of friends and family to join your Refer-A-Friend network. A unique invitation to join MyPoints will be emailed to each referral. Once your referral clicks on the confirmation link in their invite email a MyPoints account will be created and they will be part of your network.

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Can an existing MyPoints member join my Refer-A-Friend network?

No. Existing MyPoints members cannot join another member's Refer-A-Friend network, including referrals that joined MyPoints through the previous version of the Refer-A-Friend program prior to 2010. Your referral must join MyPoints through the unique link in their Refer-A-Friend invite email to be a part of your network.

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Can members of my Refer-A-Friend network start their own network?

Yes. All MyPoints members can start their own Refer-A-Friend network.

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Why was my referral rejected?

There are a few reasons why referrals might be rejected:

  • The person you referred was already a MyPoints member.
  • The referee has asked not to receive offers from MyPoints.
  • The email address entered was invalid.
  • The referee never verified their account.

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How can I confirm that my referral has accepted my invitation?

Once you have referred at least one person to join your Refer-A-Friend network, you will see three tabs under the My Network banner: (1) Active Members, (2) Pending Members, and (3) Refer Friends. The Active Members tab lists those who have accepted your invitation and are now part of your Refer-A-Friend network. The Pending Members tab lists those that you have referred but have not yet accepted your invitation. Please note that referrals have 30 days to accept your invitation after which the invite email expires. Lastly, the Refer Friends tab allows you to invite additional friends, either individually or through the email address book importer.

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Can I resend my Refer-A-Friend invite email?

Your referral has 30 days to accept your invite email. Within that period your referral will be listed under the Pending Members tab on your Refer-A-Friend network page. You can resend the invite email (once) by clicking on the "Remind" button under the Status column. If your referral does not activate their account through the invite email within 30 days from referral date, they will be automatically removed from the Pending Members list.

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