MaxPoints® FAQs

What is MaxPoints?

MaxPoints, are special Point-earning opportunities above and beyond the ones offered through BonusMails. Each month, you get three chances to earn these extra Points with:

1) Plus Points
2) Easy Offers
3) Boost Your Points

Watch your inbox for our emails alerting you to these hot new offers (and Point-earning opportunities) available. To locate these hot new offers on the MyPoints website, click the "Easy Points" link at the top of the MyPoints website, about half way down the page you will see MaxPoints, click the links "Earn 250 Points", "Earn 10 Points" or "Earn up to 1,000" and you will be taken to each of the MaxPoints pages. We also have MaxPoints web advertisements running throughout the MyPoints site so be sure to look for them!

We know how much you love the offers and Point earning opportunities on the Plus Points page so we have made this page easier for you to get to! Click on any of our MaxPoints web ads and you will land on the Plus Points page right away!

With Plus Points, the Point earning opportunity has become easier.

  • Take just 2 offers and get 250 Points
It's that easy! You can only earn these Points once per month. Don't see anything you like? Check back often, as we add new deals all the time. You don't need your credit card to take advantage of any of these offers because no purchase is necessary.

Easy Offers are just that: an easy way to earn 10 Points for each offer you select.

1) Just check the box of each offer that piques your interest and hit "submit."
2) On the next page, complete/confirm* your contact information* and answer any additional questions that our partners might ask.
3) When you're done, click "submit" again, and voila! 10 Points for each offer will go right into your account!

You can also Boost Your Points into the stratosphere. This section has a double-whammy: Points for each offer, plus Bonus Points for signing up for more than one. We've also made the Point earning opportunity easier, you now get 1,000 Bonus Points for taking 2 offers, previously it was 500. The more, the merrier:
  • Two offers get you 1,000 Bonus Points (NEW)
And remember, that's in addition to the Points for each offer. If you sign up for two offers worth 1,000 Points each, you end up with a grand total of 3,000 Points—more than enough for a ten dollar** gift card and almost enough for a twenty-five dollar gift card! You can only earn Boost Your Points Bonus Points once per page per month. Don't see anything you like? Check back often, as we add new deals all the time.

**Please refer to the "Rewards" section on the MyPoints website to see how many Points you need for the gift card you want. They vary by merchant.

In addition to our regular MaxPoints promotions on the MyPoints website, we may send
MaxPoints–Specials emails to select members. Please note these offers are non-transferable, and will only work for the selected members. You can't combine them with other offers. They're just too good! When you get a MaxPoints–Specials email, just click on the link inside that email and follow the directions on the page to earn your additional Points.

*Being Truthful in your Responses
It is very important to use your own, valid email address and other information in all of your responses in the MaxPoints program. If our members answer with fake email addresses, our partners will stop extending those deals to us. Which means we won't be able to extend to you the great deals and huge Point-earning opportunities you've come to expect from MyPoints and MaxPoints. If you are not truthful in your responses, MyPoints reserves the right to disqualify you from all Points due from participating in any offer.

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How Many Points Can I Earn?

In the Plus Points section, you can earn 250 Points for taking 2 offers. In the Easy Offers section, you will earn 10 Points for each offer selected. In the Boost Your Points section, you can earn 1,000 Bonus Points for taking 2 offers, in addition to the regular Points for each offer. For the MaxPoints–Specials emails, Points totals will vary.

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How do I Earn Points?

Easy Offers Points show up right away, after you complete the information required.

Plus Points and Boost Your Points: You will earn the Points associated with individual offers as soon as the partner reports your participation to MyPoints. You will earn Bonus Points as the partners report your participation to MyPoints and you qualify by completing 2 offers within a calendar month.

For example, if you take two offers on the Plus Points page, those partners have to report your participation before we can give you the 250 Points associated with taking two offers on that page.

Bonus Points may not be awarded all at once. For example, you may take one offer on the Boost Your Points page one week and then take a second offer the following week and may not see the 1,000 Bonus Points in your Activity Statement right away. It all depends on when the partners send us their reports. You will get the correct number of Bonus Points for the offers you have participated in, but it may not happen all at once.

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How can I check to see if I've received the Points and Bonus Points I should be getting?

Get to know your MaxPoints Activity statement. Click on the link on any of the MaxPoints pages or on your regular Member Account Statement page and you can see all of the MaxPoints offers you have completed in the last six months. To view your MaxPoints offers, you will need to select the drop down arrow next to "View," and select "MaxPoints Offers." If you don't see the Points you feel should be there, it may be that a partner has not yet reported your participation in an offer.

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Can I participate in the same offer multiple times and still earn Points?

Usually, you can only earn Points once per offer. If it's possible to complete the same offer and earn Points more than once, that offer will say so explicitly -- so make sure you read the fine print. The word "Once" is a dead giveaway: if you see "Once" in an offer's description, that means you can only get Points for that deal once, and won't earn Points if you do it again.

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What do I do if I haven't received Points or Bonus Points for the offers I've completed?

You should wait 45 days for our partners to report everything to us. After that waiting period, if your Points still haven't posted, contact Member Services. We might need to see confirmation emails from the offers you've completed, so keep them handy.

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