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Plus Points

*To earn Bonus Points mentioned on this page you must complete the above offers using the links from this month's "MaxPoints - Plus Points" page only. If you complete 2 offers you will earn 250 Points. Check your Bonus Points in the "MaxPoints" Activity Statement by clicking on the link on this page. See the "MaxPoints" FAQs for more about how Bonus Points are awarded. Please note that offers marked as "advertisement" and questionnaires are not eligible for Bonus Points.

Multiple editions of "MaxPoints" may exist at the same time. Feel free to participate in and earn Bonus Points from each edition of "MaxPoints" however you can only earn Bonus Points for taking multiple offers within the page you are viewing. You cannot earn Bonus Points for taking advantage of multiple offers across different "MaxPoints" editions. You may not combine offers selected from the Plus Points and Boost Your Points pages to qualify for Bonus Points. Your participation level will be judged separately for each page's set of offers for this month. Bonus Points will only be awarded when you have completed multiple offers within each unique page/month and the partners have confirmed your participation.

MaxPoints Activity

Click here for a summary of your MaxPoints activity or to check the status of Points you've earned.